15 Responses to The Real Daytime Theme Song – This is our time

  1. michael asiamh says:

    can somebody pls tell me who sang that song, cant stop playing it, its dope

  2. 10ThenSee says:

    I really hope this show is on the air for several years. I am completely

  3. Gianiyati Lombardi says:

    I love this show,!!!!!

  4. Barbara Lima says:

    where we can find the lyrics?

  5. Tamesha Turner says:

    What is the lyrics to this song?

  6. Omar ElShahry says:

    Where can I get this song ? 

  7. nyajahb123 says:

    what are the lyrics to this song?

  8. afboi81 says:

    I love this song!!!! Been looking for it

  9. Nina Semone says:

    Love this song yeassssss <3

  10. Moe Franklin says:

    everytime I hear this song, I know The Real is on

  11. Ayvee Em says:

    Who sings this

  12. Clau. Diatje says:

    I want to know who sings this

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