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  1. David Snyder says:

    That’s a very good question. If you are referring to step three of the 3
    magic questions protocol, In the context of dating and relationships and
    especially on a first date, ideally you would change the subject and
    remove that person as a potential dating or mating partner. Remember 3MQ
    is a dating and attraction protocol specifically designed to generate
    attraction while simultaneously evoking and eliciting information about the
    person so that the operator can make an informed choice as to the
    suitability of the subject as a potential partner.

    I really can’t stress that part enough. When we use 3 mq in a dating
    context we are NOT signing up to get into a less than optimal relationship.
    If you ask someone to talk about their most pleasant childhood experiences
    and the first thing they come up with to someone they are with for the
    first time all about sexual trauma, abuse or anything even remotely
    similar, my advice is to eject unless you really want to deal with the
    drama and baggage this person is bringing to the relationship.

    A. Because the person isn’t giving you the information you asked for
    (strike one)
    B. They Are Giving you Information You Didn’t Ask For (Strike Two)
    C. They Will Bring all of that “baggage” into any relationship you create
    and you’ll be the one who has to deal with it.(Strike Three)

    Sounds Harsh, even to me as I write it, but remember dating and relating
    is about finding the people who make your life better. If the person
    doesn’t meet that criteria, the both of you are better off moving on.

    Hope that helps.

    Your friend,


  2. David Snyder says:


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  3. David Snyder says:

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    NLP LECTURE: SPEED ATTRACTION- How To Make Someone Love You In 20 Minutes
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  4. David Snyder says:

    http://www.unlimitedlover.com has some good stuff too! Little more on the
    naughty side! :-)

  5. David Snyder says:

    New Live Training Coming Soon in 2015
    NLP LECTURE: SPEED ATTRACTION- How To Make Someone Love You In 20 Minutes
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  6. Ismail Fikri says:

    Ok, here is my feedback as I promised: in a nutshell, no one will ever be
    able to make a girl fall in love with him within 20 minutes. Yet what it
    certainly does is build a very strong rapport and create a room for very
    nice story to share.

    The two ladies with whom I talked tonight were not very fluent in english,
    so maybe that’s what caused the barriers to be high. I really bounded with
    the second one; a cute 21 years old from Georgia, the discussion lasted for
    more than 1 hour, she didnt seem to be the kind of girl who just make out
    like this. At some point we started playing some massage game to which she
    was receptive, but maybe my lack of experience didnt resulted in what I
    expected. She also had a friend of her, and I had no wingman to keep her
    busy, she was getting bored and took us to the dancefloor while we were
    sitting in a quiet corner.

    I decided at this moment to leave for a while, I went to make some phone
    calls and settled my mind to go back home. I joined her to get her number,
    she seemed quite happy to see me back and sad when I said am leaving.
    Anyway she gave me her phone wihtout any resistance, yet after a quick eye
    contact with her friend (they know each other for 10 years or so).

    I have to say, I like this kind of approach, as it build strong rapport and
    I felt like we will never run out of something to talk about. I also didnt
    drink any alcohol, so I was very calm and relaxed, teasing and flirting
    only when it was necessary. But I hardly doubt that you can make a girl one
    pick up in the street fall in love with him after 20 minutes.

    I should be coming with some more feedback, with a focus on the “day game”.


  7. David Snyder says:


  8. 1ma4ighter says:

    I spoke to my girl like this for a while and that’s when we really hit it
    off, but I only used it on her and I forgot about it along the way.
    Especially after I told her I loved her, I became silent (I was always an
    introvert) and most communication I had with her was holding her, cuddling,
    kissing (physical) . . . things are getting stale, I know this could help
    remind her of where all these feelings came from, but is there a way I can
    practise without chatting to random women during the week when I travel to
    and from work etc.? even though it’s just practising for my girlfriend, it
    feels like I’m playing with other girls’ emotions, especially when we get
    comfortable and I find random ways to flirt with a girl (i would make notes
    of the good ones and use it on my girlfriend later)

  9. Slytherin Flower says:

    Hi David, I have watched this video multiple times, and have grasped the
    concepts within it. However, how would you/ could you use this formula to
    change the way someone sees you if they already know you? I have had a
    crush on this man for two years(!!!) and I’ve decided that, since his
    situation has recently changed, now is the time to seduce him. The process
    you suggest in this video seems to get someone very comfortable with you,
    but not specifically seduce them. He’s already comfortable with me, and I
    want to know how to move things up a notch… Any help gratefully
    received!!! Thanks so much!

  10. Udoka O says:

    #1 – ask an open ended question related to the location or what brought
    them there
    #2 – career/passion/what excites them (soften with “I’m curious” or a
    reason why you’re asking)
    – what inspired you to become *__*
    – repeat back sequence of words or movements they lean on
    #3 – when you tell your “me too” experience, use the same word sequence
    they used. 

  11. David Snyder says:

    NLP LECTURE: SPEED ATTRACTION- How To Make Someone Love You In 20 Minute…

  12. Ismail Fikri says:

    Amazing ! I will give it a try tomorrow in my daily pick up
    fun/training… you name it.
    And I’ll leave a comment 🙂

    I ve also heard about some flirting classes R.Bandler gave back in the 80’s
    with another lady (forgot her name sorry, Ill try to retrieve it later)
    From the few comments he made about these lessons or classes it was pretty
    much different from what you are sharing here.

    Thank you for sharing, as soon as I start making money (am sales rep, 100%
    comission based, I sale videos and advertisment …) Ill book one of your
    session. Btw any book of yours that we can buy ?

    Also please if you could update the design of your website you ll gain in
    conversion rate I believe (scrolling down endlessly is not a fun

  13. 1ma4ighter says:

    is it just me, or does this guys have a wrist watch on each arm?

  14. Flavius Josephus says:

    childhood stories/experiences: What if the person had a lousy childhood. Is
    allowing her to live the positive enough or will they feel conflicted?

  15. Amanda de la Rosa says:

    Amazing. Remarkable. I´ll take your courses as soon as possible. 

  16. Marius Scheijgrond says:

    i bet yr an aquariuz? am i right/

  17. Logan Braveheart says:

    this video is miss labeled. most of this video is shit men have to do.

  18. david floegel says:

    Hey Dave!
    How would I ask the first 2 questions if I already know the answers?
    Like for example, the girl is from … New York and moved her to study and
    her passion is playing guitar.
    Would I ask, what made you move here and what got you started on guitar?
    After that, how would I move on to the childhood thing?
    it seems to be appear a bit strange to me to just have that kind of cut you
    know what I mean?
    Like “What got you started on guitar…?” “blablablabla” “and what was your
    childhood like?” this is of course very unrealistic but I was just
    wondering how to handle the transition…

  19. sheri Steele says:

    This was a great lecture. I have been in a casual relationship with an
    incredible man and have been “stuck” for the last year in the casual/friend
    zone. I am wanting more than just a friendship with this man. We are very
    close and talk a lot, but no matter what we talk about, never seems to move
    further than friends. We were definitely way past step 1 of you lecture,
    but I moved into steps 2 and 3. His reaction was incredible. He opened up
    and continued talking with more passion than I imagined. Not to mention, I
    learned more about him than I imagine. I enjoyed this more than other
    programs and videos, because this is NOT game playing like a lot of
    programs want you to try. I want a mature relationship. Not a false
    relationship with game playing. THANK You, David. I look forward to
    watching and learning more from you. 

  20. David Snyder says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

  21. avinash sondhi says:

    Great stuff.thank you for letting us know the methodology ..
    i have tried it myself and works like magic.
    just wanted to know one thing, how should i approach if
    1> the women is not giving me the approach response or proximity .. which
    obviously means she is not interested but i am in her..

    2> if the women is in a group which is usually the case because then i
    cannot go for the 3 magic question.

  22. WalkingOnSunshineMan says:

    this is how i always talk to womans and now i understand why it works

  23. victorgutierrez67 says:

    It is genius the way you decided to start waking people up. Note taken.

  24. Dana Summers American Maid says:

    Loved this lecture. Big crush.

  25. David Snyder says:


    Hey Alessia, Thanks for your warm and wonderful feedback. I’m grateful for
    people like yourself who get real value out of our stuff. Check back with
    us again.

    Your Friend,


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