How to Meet Women in the Grocery Store : What to Talk About with Women at Grocery Store

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25 Responses to How to Meet Women in the Grocery Store : What to Talk About with Women at Grocery Store

  1. N Ellis says:

    woah woah woah, what kind of ice cream jokes should I be starting with?

  2. Coralena says:

    If you want to meet women, talk to them like people. 

  3. Klaus Heisler says:

    I’m going to nip to my local asda and give this ago. Thankyou expert

  4. KnaveMurdok says:

    “You start off my joking about the ice cream”

    You missed a very important step there, bro. See how you’re positioned in
    front of her cart,with your hands on the top, PREVENTING HER FROM

    That’s an important step too, it’s called “trapping someone”.
    If you don’t MAKE SURE you do this first, her she will very rightfully roll
    her eyes at your dumb ice cream jokes and steer her attention towards
    someone who isn’t trying to pick them up and damn SUPERMARKET! You creepy

  5. Ping Pang says:

    The Ice cream isle is also the best place to stuff her body when she
    rejects you.

  6. Amilcar Augusto says:

    i found my wife thanks to this video

  7. Andrew Heil says:

    steer away from the ice cream onto a different topic like her favorite
    sexual positions & where she lives.

  8. destined says:


  9. grderable says:

    Instructions unclear dick stuck in ice cream 

  10. gabor1991 says:

    *tips fedora*

  11. TheCameltotem says:

    This guys reeks Alpha male

  12. AShallowBay says:

    Hey, ice to meet you.

    BOOM, laid.

  13. DandyGuy says:

    “after flirting and being playful” BUT THAT’S THE PART YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

  14. mjc71189 says:

    “I see you like the Double Churn. You like soccer? Nice. Maybe we can talk
    about doing it together in the future.”

  15. jose medina says:

    there’s no fedora #illuminaticonfirmed

  16. VastoLorde says:

    Beta guy: Hahahah you know why icecream is so tasty?
    Girl: I dunno why?
    Beta guy: Cuz it’s made of ice.
    Girl: …
    Beta guy: Ok let’s change the topic
    Gilr: K
    Beta guy: Weather is fine in here
    Glir: We are in a store.
    Beta guy: Roses r red violets are red Im wearing a fedora, will you marry
    Girl: K
    And they lived happily ever after, according to “ExpertVillage”

    Btw: I mispelled ‘girl’ a couple of times

    Now you are checking the mispelled words
    Ps: I misspelled mispelled
    Your checking again

    PS: If you’re reading this, you’re a beta

  17. coreymaggette says:

    i just got handjob using this technique, thanks expert village.

  18. IZeoClass says:

    Sad… just sad… poor guys who really take any advice from this guy

  19. 5Sybon says:

    I would love to suck on that woman’s titties.

  20. Chris Pollina says:

    i like how zooming out from the container of dreyer’s double churn light
    takes like 10 full seconds. really sets the awkward mood that this
    interaction would likely have.

  21. Stock Loc says:

    In what universe would this work in? Lmao.

  22. Zeldarulah says:

    “And possibly we can even talk about doing it together in the future”

    This didn’t work for me. I talked about soccer with her, and then I asked
    if she wanted to bang in the future and she slapped me :/

  23. Kombaiyashii says:

    Excuse me, I like ice cream too. Can I rip your boobies off?

  24. Boyo Ski says:

    Nothing should transfer away from the ice cream. That is the opposite if
    what I want 0/10

  25. Jared Brady says:

    I want to know how to find very fun and very interesting icecream at the
    grocery store.

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