HOW TO SEDUCE STRANGERS [Hidden Cam] – 6 Months To Mastery [PUA]

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25 Responses to HOW TO SEDUCE STRANGERS [Hidden Cam] – 6 Months To Mastery [PUA]

  1. xarios j says:

    if this ugly motherfucker can get girls i can too


    This dude practices psychological abuse of his women. He is a robot with
    hormones and an ego, but no heart.

  3. trolldicker says:

    I think a lot the people that bought ur Dominino Effect program need to
    sign up for this. Because it is just a comedy seeing them trying to harass
    girls and call it kiss close. Ur stuff is very hard to master. 

  4. Themike wacshow says:

    Wtf? Is that white guy barking, he hasn’t proven himself to be a pick up
    Shut up Bennie hippie and let the chocolate man speek…

  5. Thomas Wilson says:

    Somebody paid to get thumbs down on this video.

  6. James Garcia says:

    I can help you get good with women in 5 seconds. All you have to do is
    read this sentence:

    Don’t be a pussy, don’t take life seriously, and learn from your

  7. Joshua Duffey says:


  8. tommieloveable says:

    I blaze racist trolls on JW, videos come in here wit dat bullsh!t, and get
    you wig pulled back off yo racist a$$.

  9. xhy20x says:

    Sales..sales..sales… The 6 month mastery is a new product, so how can
    someone who claims to have receive coaching over 2 years endorse such a

  10. Moses C. says:

    What’s wrong with approaching alot of girls and making tweaks?
    sounds effective to me

  11. saif162 says:

    I feel worse about myself now knowing this fresh motherfucker is getting
    more girls than me

  12. Ahmed a says:

    Justin when u gone do bootcamp in Europ speicaly Amsterdam?Men i love ur

  13. cassidysinatra says:

    Best in the game Justin wayne this summer show your best clients work manny
    wayne Etc

  14. Don Joe says:

    Justin Wayne Dating, I have a serious question and try to answer as
    realistically as possible, is it possible to have all of those women and
    establish multiple relationships or even take the mastery program if you
    are lower class (meaning I make little to no cash) 19 years old and live in
    a suburb with not a lot of hot women? The reason why i’m asking is because
    that is my current situation and I would like to know what would be the
    best move for me to make in order take my game to the next level. Thank you

  15. JohnnyClockdaone says:

    Deepak sounds like Arnold Swartznegger! lol

  16. Aaron Kay says:

    I was loving Justin Videos but there are too many white girls for me. I’m
    sorry I can’t no more watch this without changing.

  17. jay s says:

    Justin is right, All Women are Liers! an yeah it’s all about Confidence!
    not to be rude or anything but i think me an a few other people on here are
    a lot better looking then Deepac, he might jst look a bit more muscular,
    and he’s just a lot more confident then us when it comes to picking up
    girls; we gotta work on our confidence BIG TIME, i seriously can’t believe
    this dude Deepac gets laid more then us average looking guys…

  18. Random JQ says:

    Reached a dark zone in pick up. I felt like I’m never gonna get laid, but
    this video made me feel a little bit better, thanks 

  19. Angel Ortiz says:

    why all the negative energy people?

  20. craig6t says:

    Hi guys, I need to wear my glasses. How would I record then, if I can’t
    wear the spy glasses? 

  21. MIvarsson99 says:

    The real question: Would Phil Jackson be peeing outdoors now, if he’d
    never had the opportunity to coach Michael Jordan?

  22. Max Meyer says:

    Just watched to 1:30

  23. magm0n says:

    Hey men, I appreciate your work, your videos and your master. I would like
    that you recommend me where can I buy some spy glasses as cool as your ones

    Big hug guys!

  24. NoLimitzGaming says:

    i wonder how much this program actually makes.. i swear if you continued to
    make videos of you picking up girls and taking them home, your channel
    would’ve went viral.. that youtube money is that long-term money!!!!!

  25. GU1LTY's CHANNEL says:

    Dude you should show more of the infield video then all these talking cause
    the talking gets boring

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