The Game

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25 Responses to The Game

  1. romans52345 says:

    @InspectorMontelbano1 I agree with you about Everything except for the Ugly
    Part, i know some really Ugly Mofos with Hot Women, and i know really Good
    Looking guys who cant get a date to save their Life, it is how you carry
    yourself, how you present yourself, and you are right about the money part..

  2. Alexander Villianaire says:

    Thank you SO SO VERY much! You rock.

  3. Cliff Clint says:

    Nice video. Is the guy at 2:13 (first from the left) James Marshall? They
    look similar. I had no idea JM was into indirect game etc.

  4. kaptoxic says:

    @bbejkov I guess its the time when they were with Jenna, Courtney Love and
    Lisa… Mystery mentioned that night I think (he gamed an asian 10 :))

  5. filippo nardin says:

    Can someone tell me please the name of the song?? cheeres!!

  6. rallyarne says:

    DAMN what a sexy outfit at 2:54

  7. dina fitania says:

    Terrific video clip. I’m here since my mate unexpectedly started to be
    incredible with girls. He began attracting girls magically. He behaved as
    if it was normal for a little bit. Then he told me while he was drunk on
    Tequila. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction
    Formula. Google it and you will discover it… He’s on a date now with a
    beautiful girl…

  8. HerosVenusianArts says:

    Jajajajaj KOSMO es Colombiano!!! Viva Colombia Hijueputa!!! Nosotros somos
    los que tenemos ese Plus al momento del Sargeo, hey, no nos envidien…

  9. fabricioface says:

    i´m always open to learn, but if with this books and seminars I´m gonna get
    the girls on the pics, I´m gonna stay away from them. They´re already my
    average pops

  10. utterlyexiged says:

    I dont buy into the whole good looks/loads of money gets you women debate.I
    find money often pushes women away,most of them feel threatened by it ,the
    fact that your doing better than them.As far as looks go,if your good
    looking then a lot of the time shes got you down as a player and thats
    something to be overcome with banter (even though women i think actually
    want a player without knowing it,you still have to break down that wall).If
    your average looking you can come in under the radar.

  11. blackyblackblack505 says:

    The point was…..?

  12. James Wood says:

    @mansitopinta no you’re cruel.

  13. JESSlCO says:

    amazing song!!!

  14. AZNecro yuen says:

    Dont know if i’m right but is that Ross Jefferies @ 3:19?

  15. RaikOu says:

    damm!!! need that music but do not have it on your myspace anyway good job
    with video

  16. Mikhail Amchei says:

    @AddieWTH wow just checking… she’s got that thing between her legs? or
    what lmao =))))))))

  17. srninjastar says:

    went to your myspace, you dont have this song anymore.

  18. uglyfrog1 says:

    haha the fat chick with matador

  19. HardestDescisionOfAnyoneWhoTriesToThinkOfAUsername says:

    true…. true…

  20. krazydawgg says:

    @pabitoz Lol they arent always sluts. if you end up with sluts its because
    you choose to. If you really understood game you would know that

  21. TheWoWGrind says:

    @InspectorMontelbano1 Men also gravitate towards the best looking women.
    But the fact of the matter is, even if you gravitate towards the hottest
    women, if a 7/10 approaches you with a great fun personality and they
    demonstrate value, you will still likely respond well to that person.

  22. a says:

    isn’t the fat dude from that TV show…

  23. HardestDescisionOfAnyoneWhoTriesToThinkOfAUsername says:

    are you a real PUA or just made a tribute?

  24. Alexander Villianaire says:

    Thank you! 🙂 You can actually hear it on my myspace page.

  25. Daniel Duperron says:

    Are you kidding? Learn some game. Go read revaltion by mystery. Its about
    pre selction, confidants, Dressing well groomed, genetic looks dont matter
    as much as style, sure looks are advantage but if you got game and are
    confidant, than that alone is waymore attractive than a reallly hot guy
    that is not confidant. Confidants makes a guy way more sexy Im only 17 and
    i know tihs

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