PUA Infield – Getting Super Hot Girls – Part 5 – Winning

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25 Responses to PUA Infield – Getting Super Hot Girls – Part 5 – Winning

  1. SquattinCassanova says:

    Happy New Year! I hope you all find that heavenly blessed beauty in 2015!

  2. SquattinCassanova says:

    Secret video is up. Go to my site to get info.

  3. ClutchNastii671 says:

    what happened to your eyebrow? lol

  4. NoMoneyHeadsUp says:

    Mike, you should have put the sex escalation in there bro! I’ve been in a
    lot of these situations and the girl just wants to give me a BJ most of the
    time, not the poon. Any tips??? What do you say when you want to actually
    put it in?

  5. katrinavictimwb says:

    Man I can’t even lie … I would have just got up and left that bitch!
    I would have been so annoyed with all of that bullshit resistance she was

  6. UltraMk 101 says:

    Will your technique work in any country or only in North America???

  7. I gucked your firl says:

    She didnt text back because shes wasn’t impressed brah. (Packin the 9 inch
    here, they always come back)

  8. Alex Sutton says:

    B4 is…….B number 4 rofl!

  9. IIkingdomII says:

    honestly, this is like what every one of my pulls looks like, and after a
    dozen of these, you start getting really sick of them and just want a pull
    where the girl is into you too.

  10. Jak N Blak says:

    When in a situation like this…my mind just fucking SNAPS and says one
    word,”ICE!” Only way I’ve survived bullshit like this is by becoming
    non-needy to a sickening level. But usually I’m still aroused to I still go
    hard for the close, but the attachment to the outcome is lost. 

  11. jorge nitales says:

    Hi mike. first happy new year! keep hitting on girls during 2015! 🙂 i want
    to ask you about the first minute of your sets.. you usually talk with
    people who isnt from vegas and you dhv talking about her city, quilify ppl
    from her city or smth, thing is where im from you dont find many tourist to
    have this kind of chat, so when u hit on vegas girls what is the topic
    after open??

  12. bth2 says:

    fuark. does this mean theres still a ‘hidden’ video? 

  13. PUAKush says:

    SC working his magic. Mad props for pulling that dime and staying
    persistent. Can’t wait for the new videos this year! 

  14. bullshark says:

    does XS give you a free hat for picking up hos?

  15. zatara wood says:

    f8cking hell .. at 8 minutes in I would be like f8ck it you do what you
    want and left … what a hassle … wheres steve urquel at btw? that dude
    was funny!

  16. tj rosario says:

    Nice series, I’d like seeing the pros in field, text is one thing, but
    seeing the skills put to test is another. Part 6 is icing on the cake, no
    pun…or maybe pun intended.

  17. MrMentalz2 says:

    Are you meeting up with her again? And do you always try and meet up again
    with your succesful sets or is it only a one time thing? 

  18. Beans says:

    The cost of that cologne though.

  19. steve stefka says:

    lol. at the gaming coming out in 2005. classic

  20. Lenny Travis says:

    Is it just me or has Mike developed a more positive vibe overall 

  21. Ishbu101 says:

    The whole time she’s leading you back to your friend, I’m like oh shit.
    You’ll never get her once that obstacle bitch gets in the way

  22. Neo Revo says:

    hahaha more romantic than twilight, good set of videos too bad the you made
    it hard for the last and more awesome video :(

  23. taz24787 says:

    RESPECT for your patience …. that left you very short time for the GOOD
    TIMES … Hope you told your friend to grab a cab to the airport … XD

  24. bigjew899 says:

    “Chicks will have sex with you if the circumstances are right, but they
    won’t go out of their way to have sex with you.”

    That line ALONE is worth a couple of traditional PUA Bootcamps. Bottom
    Line, if you aren’t trying to close out several chicks a week (either live
    or online) then you don’t deserve to get laid.

  25. MogulProductions says:

    17:00 so true! that same happened to me. being very sexual and
    overescalating might be not as bad for the beginning to break the ice and
    show your intentions. a hb was clearly into me after i was sexually very
    open minded and talkative. i thought i couldn’t ruin it, 100% lay! but
    after an hour, when i tried to pull her while we were dancing she told me
    i’d be too touchy and she didn’t like it. it seemed almost, as if she was
    disgusted by me. i didn’t understand it at all! i knew i should have ease
    it up a bit and being not as “thirsty” as u would describe it. definitely
    will try not to oversexualise it next time when i try to pull. really
    enjoyed ur 5 part series, good job! ;-)

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