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  1. fouseyTUBE says:

    Just got off the phone laughing with my bro and calling him an idiot. He
    and the other dumbos watching this video think there was a knife switch at
    the 1:50 minute mark. How ridiculous could you possibly get. The 2 angles
    he runs back to are EXACTLY the same from 2 different cameras. When he
    jumps over the couch the lighting and angle and movement makes the knife
    appear bigger. As you may have learned in school. The extent people will go
    out of their way to prove something to be fake is truly amusing and
    entertaining. lol. Same butter knife all video.

  2. Dr. Pierre Khazen says:

    Why is she with him?

  3. Sheila Ortiz says:

    You got a fan youtuber in Brazil copying your videos lol he has over a
    million subs! 

  4. fouseyTUBE says:

    LOL! reading these comments are so entertaining! so many mixed opinions!
    but i’m glad you’re all enjoying. i laugh no matter how many times i watch
    this. YOUSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEF! hahahahah.

  5. IVIusicFiend says:

    “You thought he’d stab you-ahhh” no shit dumb bitch.

  6. Bob Marley says:

    David Luiz! I’ve found you!

  7. Jameel Arabiyat says:

    Is he muslim

  8. Mara Flores says:

    Dear whoever’s reading this, you’re beautiful and someone out there is
    crazy about you, so smile, life is too short to be unhappy :)

    P.S i saw this comment on another video i am not the first spread this
    everywhere to make people smile!

  9. MysticalVids says:

    Is their seriously one comment only?

  10. Samuraisahsah says:

    Lmfo he was holding a butter knife the whole time??!
    ffs dude, hold on lemme grab this L, and that’s for you, take care of that
    dude, you earned it hardcore

  11. Innocent Citizen says:

    Actually, and i don’t know if this came after the demon prank. But if it
    did, then this is sweet payback.

  12. fidel domingos says:

    The girl is bangin’!

  13. Кристина Соколова says:

    I FUCKING LOVE FOUSEYTUBES LAUGH that shit gets me everytime, LOVE YOU
    FOUSEY <3333

  14. filip cufi says:

    that girls needs something that i have and i have it big :3

  15. Nathan Jenkins says:

    Omg I thought what a shit ass lame video how could you do such a thing then
    the joke turned on your bro hahaha hilarious too good 

  16. kayla galarzaa says:

    YOU STOP………. because you got caught!

  17. Jack Wilson says:

    i am 4,755,340th sub!

  18. Patrick Star says:

    Times when fousey was cool…

  19. GoldenSpaceXD Gaming says:

    1,000,000 view club more like all his vids

  20. Callum Wm says:

    Literally shit himself crying for Yousef

  21. Sophie B says:

    but still whats he gonna do with a butter knife

  22. Candice Samba says:

    Omg I Remember This

  23. Xircui ss says:


  24. Isaac Bootbull says:


  25. silkyskeeter says:

    It was funny til i seen it was a butter knife…..

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