How to Do a Barbell Split Squat – Men’s Health

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14 Responses to How to Do a Barbell Split Squat – Men’s Health

  1. Armed Society says:

    That method of getting the bar into position must suck when you’re on your
    last rep of your last set.

  2. Pablo Cid says:

    This guy is wrong.

    The separation depends on what you want to work more. You can have them
    more “close together”

  3. Stout Fella says:

    Would this exercise be a better option than regular squats to increase my
    vertical jump?

  4. Herod The Great says:


  5. Turki Showier says:

    Good But we most Be Care full About The Knee Exercise.

  6. Huan Nguyen says:

    aren’t those sneakers bad for any kind of squats? or these okay just for
    split squats

  7. 3v says:

    Glad you thought so! David is one of our fave trainers!

  8. heat4yoass says:

    Lunge is stepping and lunging. Split Squats is slightly different.

  9. Blazethebest3 says:

    i know this is childish lol thats what she said :b

  10. mmw052403 says:

    Is the split squat just another name for a lunge?

  11. dilip920 says:

    hi, when i do squats i hear a little sound inside my knees. is it normal?

  12. fiorillz says:

    Great instruction…

  13. Dina Anguiano says:

    Thanks!!! Did this exercise for the last two days and WOW my ass feels
    demolished lol seriously thank you for this video. 🙂

  14. Moroccan_dude says:

    why is this disgusting bright yellow?

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