‘The Real’ Mamas Have Something to Say

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25 Responses to ‘The Real’ Mamas Have Something to Say

  1. PureSparkles22 says:

    my favorite is tamar 

  2. LRissa19 says:

    I think my favorite is Tamera. She represents the personally conservative
    but open-minded family oriented young black woman but I do also like Tamar
    and Adrienne Loni and Jeanne are cool too they’re a good dynamic.

  3. gigi langdon says:

    How come every time Adrienne talks she has to say something like” yup us
    Latinas” like when she was talking about her being her moms favorite and
    made it sound like it had something to do with because her family’s Latina!
    I was like what’s your mom loving you have to do with being Latina. 

  4. MISS JADE says:

    I don’t have a favorite. It’s really something special about all of these

  5. Raquel Rene' says:

    they should have a “mom” show!

  6. AquariusLady Gorgeouz says:

    +The Real Daytime The Real waited too long to come back on! Now their
    conversations seem racist and less informative. There are plenty of talk
    shows that are discriminative, rude and cat-ish. We don’t need another one.
    It’s a good show for younger female viewers between 16 – 35 but, come on
    make the topics more interesting! 

  7. Tnazup says:

    This was a REALLY entertaining segment. I really enjoyed Jeannie’s mom and
    Tamar/Loni’s story about Tamar’s mom. And Adrienne’s joke about being her
    mom’s favorite was really good. All of the ladies seemed polished and
    polite here lol

  8. Jordan Lawrence says:

    I love this show! Im home so glad it came back for another season and hope
    there is many more.

  9. Tianja Bean says:

    the adult Kunte Kinte, James Evans it was a character “good times” girls
    really. he is a ver talented spiritual man

  10. littleripper312 says:

    Loni is by far my favourite, I wish I was as funny as her! They are all
    funny but Loni just has a special kind of funny.

  11. YaMyka Malone says:

    I Love Them ALL But My Absolute Favorite Is Tamar . Hands Down . 

  12. Mocasso says:

    I loveeee Tamera!!!

  13. candlecane says:

    I really really REALLY hate that they just reenacted everything from the
    first season! Makes everything so inauthentic. I get that it was a trial
    run and not everyone saw them but the fact is that MOST viewers saw them.
    These same viewers are the reason the show got picked up! It would have
    been smarter to bring new materials this season, post the full episodes of
    the short trial run on Youtube and then put a link at the end of each new
    episode for people to check them out.

    Anyways, I really want to see Tamera’s mom!

  14. Joshua McDowell says:

    What’s wrong with John Amos? I would love to call James Evans daddy. 

  15. bumperella K says:

    Is it me but are all the girls (except Loni) abit shady towards Jeannie?
    Has anyone else noticed it

  16. Layla Lilac says:

    Oh my goodness I died when Jenni’s mom said Adrienne moves around like a
    little chihuahua lmaooo! I’m still laughing

  17. TheStoryTeller Productions says:

    My favorites are Tamar and Loni Love :)

  18. Lala143MB says:

    I LOVE all these beautiful ladies, but I have a soft spot for Tamera lol.

  19. Navarrio Smith says:

    OMG! At 5:10 when Jeanie said Tamar’s mom is the only mom that visited the
    show, i thought about the girl that was on there that was rapping kicking
    it on the real. Lmao listen to the way Jeanie says it!

  20. Marchay Grays says:

    How cool would it be if there mom’s hosted in their places for the day!:)

  21. Star Mac says:

    This show should be called REAL BORING. I gave it a chance and was left
    empty handed each time. They need to ask Wendy for some tips…for REAL.
    Enjoy this coma of a show while you can. It will be short lived. 

  22. IamPhilly C. says:

    Jeannie’s mom is so freaking cute hehe!!

  23. Owatta Lady777 says:

    Hiya dualz!!! I love all of you equally because you all have your own
    unique quality to bring to the table, that it makes it impossible to choose
    whose my fav. I connect with each of you in some way (characteristically)
    and whatever the differences are just makes me want to watch (in respect)
    even more, just to see what you think. I pray that we will always see all
    of you in your seats so long as the show is on the air. I don’t think I
    could watch if anyone left, your all irreplaceable.

  24. memysefani says:

    I loveeeeeee mama Mai!!!

  25. janicesweetness says:

    Jeanie is my favorite too.

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