Annihilation Method: 0802

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Confidential Social Intelligence Manuscript

Confidential Social Intelligent Manuscript" is an 11 year old one hundred page report I wrote back in college that literally transformed my social life within months…

This is the exact blueprint I used to leapfrog from being a shy, insecure loner, to climbing to the highest levels of my college scene... and have gone on to party at the Playboy Mansion, jet setted through South America with international hotties, and am living my dream in every conceivable way.

Just a few


3 Responses to Annihilation Method: 0802

  1. thereal pua says:

    mystery = legend !!!!!!!

  2. kennyrazor81 says:

    bad camera work around 13 minutes

  3. jess marco says:

    i love how the guys are taking notes

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