Picking Up Women with Ryan Gosling

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25 Responses to Picking Up Women with Ryan Gosling

  1. Sofia A says:

    i lost my shit when he pushed the kids, so cruel yet adorably hilarious

  2. iluvgtasan says:

    Looks more like luke wilson

  3. Cherie Amour says:

    That’s not ryan gosling. :(

  4. Corvin Ar Bregwynt says:

    Game in one minute.

  5. Seth Rogers says:

    he looks more like Luke Wilson

  6. Cian says:

    Thought it was going to actually have Ryan Gosling in the video, oh well he
    looked a bit like him.

  7. Chocamoja says:

    LOL 1:11

  8. weaselnut says:

    I just farted at the end and it was amazing!

  9. Krae Green says:

    I LOL’d so hard for around 5 minutes straight and was gasping for air..

  10. BottenBosse says:

    Shut up and eat your cereal.

  11. pickmeup95 says:

    lol dude you are funny

  12. GANKSTHIVING says:

    Is he even trying to be Ryan Gosling?

  13. MrMJammo says:

    You guys lied, I didn’t get any girls :U

  14. Axel C says:


  15. SazzyIsSnazzy says:

    It’s a joke…because everyone wants to fuck Ryan Gosling no matter what he

  16. Thesterness says:

    If only…

  17. ThighKick says:

    LMFAO he dinged that kids head hahaha im going to hell

  18. AndreProductionVideo says:

    farting didn’t work

  19. Jake Bowen says:

    If 1:11 doesn’t make you laugh, you have no soul.

  20. ChartreuseDan says:

    No one does it like Ryan, except for Gilbert Gottfried

  21. pactacus says:

    Luke Wilson

  22. John Fox says:

    Ah… my dreams

  23. schrodinger' cat says:


  24. TheHugableBus says:

    This didn’t work.

  25. NOt Bruce Wayne says:

    does this shit work

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