Approach Women: How To Appear Confident To Women Every Time

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25 Responses to Approach Women: How To Appear Confident To Women Every Time

  1. Tony Trucano says:

    I would rather be angry cat.

  2. ipra wiro says:

    This guy talks shit. Hahaaaaaa 

  3. ReMeDy says:

    I’m surprised they approved of the arms crossed look. In all the nonverbal
    courses I learned from, arms crossed signifies an unwillingness to
    communicate and is counter-productive to the art of conversation. Pretend
    you’re going to a party. Would you rather talk to the guy with his arms
    crossed looking like a quiet badass, or a guy who’s smiling and engaging
    with expressive gestures?

    Btw, mmm, Cold Stone Creamery…

  4. DYNAMOjack S says:

    bill nye? is that u?

  5. GoF Yourself says:

    so basically your saying if i walk into a bar, stand by myself with my arms
    crossed and occasionally pull out my phone girls are going to be all over
    me? sounds like a recipe to fuck lefty later on. what a fuckin joke.

  6. Dexter Haven says:

    This guy’s student success rate is probably 0.05%

  7. B. Langa says:

    “txt urself, laugh @ urself” WTF!

  8. MrRefurbishedBrain says:

    oh and yeah ask the girl, she agrees, “absolutely” . Yeah she works for
    them…but who cares about that stuff right?..rofl

  9. sacJWO says:

    lmfao shit happened to me yesterday I was laughing to myself and the hot
    girl waslike wtf?

  10. littleripper312 says:

    Confidence is important but you have to be really careful that you dont
    look cocky or over confident. Women take this as a red flag that you are a
    player, unless you want the kind of women that’s okay with that- its up to

  11. millenium2003 says:

    Asian guy is gay

  12. Kevin is Nice says:

    You need wing women guys or you will get Shot down.

  13. andrew spruell says:


  14. 365funnyvids says:

    my motto: JUST DO IT

  15. Ken Tucky says:

    @POZDRAW Na they’re telling him he’s got an attitude

  16. Dan Shaw says:

    putting on an ‘act’ or a rehearsed state of mind will always come across as
    fruadulent, at least to a real woman with a head on her shoulders. Just be
    yourself, but yes, I do agree that you have to work on self esteem, purpose
    in life, knowing who you are. But you dont do that for the sole purpose of
    finding a woman. These things are for life.

  17. ahsan zaman says:

    the asian guy is .how be be gay coach. or what? if you walk with you gonna
    only get ugly faggets

  18. MrKhody says:

    i don’t think tis guy has any idea what the fuck he’s talking about what so

  19. Tony D says:

    I know being confident has helped me so much more. I’m so less “in my head”
    than I was even two weeks ago. Is everyone going to like me? No. But I
    don’t care as much as I used to. It’s not to mean I’m a jerk–far from it.
    I’m just less self conscious than I used to be. Again, most of the women
    who have liked me were the ones I was just myself around. I think if we can
    learn to be like that around everyone, we’ll be so much better for it.

  20. Robert Galletta says:

    Women don’t know what they want, so, good luck.

  21. VJWU says:

    This is the best video because it keeps it simple and effective.

  22. MrRefurbishedBrain says:

    @TFase What most chodes don’t get is this. Approaching for the sole purpose
    of getting laid is a number game (unless you look like Bred Pitt). Chodes
    can’t get around this reality because they fear rejection. Even the best
    players get rejected a lot!The best player I know a guy who get laid with
    on avg 3-4 different girls each month gets rejected 80% of the time, his
    secret? He smiles and keeps going. If you don’t like how it works, forget
    it, there’s no magic line and shit

  23. codeagent47 says:

    What’s up with that Asian guy?

  24. lunarman29 says:

    Ah, the guy who on one hand makes money bundling dating advice on how older
    men can pick up younger woemn, then turns around and in his newsletter says
    that old guys hitting on young women are creeps!! How nice, David, how do
    you sleep at night?

  25. The Speed Factory says:

    believe me you’ll always have peoople who dont like you or look on you
    negatively. either it’s cos you’re low on confidence or you’re the
    confident guy they wish they were. ignore the looks, who cares? how many
    women have THEY approached in the last few weeks? Being yourself is the
    best thing you can do – once you get the confidence to be you all the time,
    things will be much less fun and more enjoyable. Good luck to you sir!

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