The 6 Minute Muscle Building Meal Plan – Healthy Dinners

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24 Responses to The 6 Minute Muscle Building Meal Plan – Healthy Dinners

  1. dude157 says:

    I used to be quite fat, My gym focus used to be squat, deadlift and
    benchpress, and not much else, I was quite strong, but hated my body. I
    never ate things like cakes, donuts, potato chips etc, but I did eat
    generous portions of starchy carbs like pasta, white rice etc (inc. bread)
    and I did drink an unhealthy amount of coca cola. I also used to be
    vegetarian, so I didn’t get much protein or fat and as a result my diet was
    completely unbalanced. I tried all kinds of diets and counting calories and
    it just made things worse.

    Now I eat a lot of meat, don’t look at the amount of calories, and I pay
    no attention to how much fat is in something. I only check the amount of
    sugar and sodium, and I make sure it’s fresh produce. With the exception of
    fruit, the only carbs I eat are green. After 4 months, with an intense
    bodyweight training program, (inc many excellent exercises from your
    YouTube vids), to supplement my previous style of training and the fat has
    almost completely gone, I’m lean and muscular.

    Not claiming my diet is right, or better by any stretch, just sharing what
    has worked for me.

  2. Donathon says:

    Is every americans house this big or is this guy just rich as hell??

  3. Jason Gruner says:

    i like how you may think your eating healthy, but our eating gmos.

  4. Kim Cornell says:

    Oh c’mon Jeff….pet your dog when you walk in the door,lol!!!!

  5. certified30 says:

    Stop eating GMO’s people.

  6. steven richard says:

    I don’t get why 93 people would dislike this video?? the guy is just tryna
    help everyone out

  7. MusicLover says:

    I noticed….your dog was excitedly waiting for you at the door….you
    walked in, didn’t even acknowledge him. He was so happy to see you, wagging
    his tail, wanting to jump up to say hi, I’m so happy to see you……you
    just ignored him and walked away from him while he comes sadly tail wagging
    after you, head hanging. That was enough for me. Making bodybuilding videos
    is more important than those who love you? You can’t even greet them? Sad,
    man. I stopped watching there.

  8. TheCoolwhipped says:

    I can’t bring myself to microwave meat. I find it to have a significantly
    better taste by simply putting it on the grill or in the oven. Cooking the
    meat every night isn’t bad and it usually only takes about 10 minutes to
    grill a piece of chicken. 

  9. Eager Swanky says:

    Tried to grab plate as instructed. Dick got caught in cupboard

  10. mally won says:

    First thing I would do is wash my hands…. But great vid Jeff.

  11. 2222MUDDYWATERS says:

    Pet dogs and wash hands lol. Ok but Jeff i totally agree thats how i eat
    BUT microwaving frozen foods oh man guys its so easy and quick to cook, the
    texture of that chicken i cant imagine. Jeff i would be glad to show you
    and the guys how to prep on Sunday and cook real meals quick and EASY. Ive
    been a Chef for 15 years, and have taught many men and woman with no

  12. cunts cunts says:

    He loves that microwave 

  13. ItaLyZPlaYa1 says:

    That microwave is amazing. It even cuts your potatoes for you!? 

  14. Leon Kennedy says:

    Too the people saying “Watch your calories” or “Eat by a 1 cup serving
    size” or even “Don’t eat corn! or too many potatoes!”

    ..bullshit bullshit bullshit ANNNND you guessed it! Ding! ding! ding!
    Bullshit! c:

    Reason why:

    I don’t care if that’s a woman’s post. It applies to the human body, and
    the human body’s of today are comprised of BOTH Male and Female genders.
    While the two body types of male and female genes can play a large role in
    body fat loss or achieving an overall 6-Pack, you do not need to count
    calories if you are eating properly, and anywhere from 4 – 6 times a day as
    long as you keep a steady motion of strength, endurance, cardio, or other
    forms of training.


    What the hell do you people think the Athlean-X System is about?

  15. Pracrasinatorx2 says:

    Frozen food is awful for you and bulk food is too. MAN Jeff…

  16. Jenn Muntz says:

    Those frozen checked breasts are injected with odium solution. So bad for
    you (says so right on the package) also, cous cous is a pasta, not a grain
    like people think. It’s made from semolina flour like pasta.

  17. Winrar Whiz says:

    Damn, i watched most of his meal vids, turns out this guy really loves

  18. Sonya Cruz says:

    the way he enters the door 🙂 its funny as hell

  19. mohammed ali says:

    he comes home from outside, touches the dog and stars cooking, is that
    normal ?

  20. mohammed ali says:

    he comes home from outside, touches the dog and stars cooking, is that
    normal ?

  21. Sood81 says:

    lol there was only one banana in that fruit bowl and a little glass bowl
    next to it at the end a big bunch of banana’s.

  22. Luka Matošić says:

    oh and I forgot the microwawe LOL

  23. Mason White says:

    I like how the dog was just waiting for him to come back in

  24. jaleel johnson says:

    What about a diet plan for someone who works 1030pm to 7am 

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