How To Ask A Girl Out!

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25 Responses to How To Ask A Girl Out!

  1. Warren Dilson says:

    Hey Jet are you free this weekend? I’d love to take you out…

  2. Trippze says:

    I thought you were supposed to pull your cock out while maintaining eye
    contact to assert dominance 

  3. Ryan O'Neill says:

    Hey wing girls, I’ve known a girl since kindergarten, grade 9 now, how can
    I build up the confidence to ask her out, every time we hang out it’s
    always on the tip of my tongue. Plz help

  4. ryunin69 says:

    “Say, does this rag smell like chloroform…?”

  5. Toan Tran says:

    LOL. Bubble tea is the shit bro!!! It tastes so good. I like honeydew. If
    you’re asking out an asian girl or boy on a date, bubble tea is a great
    idea. We asian love that fuckin bubble tea. 

  6. Laura Sweetman says:

    Hey I’m using my parents account XD ridiculous anywho this is.. Well I
    didn’t know girls liked guys saying “Yo girl you me my place” Or “Come to
    my brothers soccer game not taking no for answer so instead is saying hey
    do you wanna get a coffee some times say that? even though I have
    girlfriend (she asked me out) Are other guys like that am I just shy?
    13,Male incase my youtube user says different…?

  7. Hannah Anderson says:

    What do u do if the guy is in a different grade then u???? PLEASE HELP 

  8. Joshua Dearden says:

    Wing girls can you pls make a video explaining how we can tell if shes is
    flirting with you and thats out of the ordinary or if she does that with
    lots of guys?

  9. José Guilherme Ferraz says:

    Hey Wing Girls! I am like an “ace” with girls but now I’m in a new school
    and I like a girl very much…she is funny, beautiful, hot 😉 but I’m shy
    with her…how can I start a good conversation without show that I’m
    totally in love wit her? And by the way…star, you are freakin’ hot! =D

  10. CoinOpTV says:

    gasp – does the ‘get in my car’ line still work?

  11. xxvideostarxx says:

    How to ask someone out:
    Get a potato and on it write:
    would you go out with me?
    Yes- roll the potato back to me
    No- roll it away

    Once your finish writing roll it to the person you asking out.

  12. pugface says:

    Thanks so Much. It helped so much.

  13. TheSilentZebra64 says:

    Darn, was hoping this wouldnt be a joke vid and actually giving tips on how
    to ask a girl out….so…could you give tips? Preferably at a 13-15 age
    level <3

  14. snipper greg says:

    first thing you do is find out what they are interested in and then find
    out when they are free and then ask her if she wants to do such and such
    and then say let me get your number to confirm it. is this a good way to do
    it?? I tried that recently and she said yes but she didn’t answer her

  15. 5Sush0 says:

    0:17 lol I have that t-shirt, it’s from Maine right?

  16. bimmerTEK says:

    Will these work for mid 30’s guys? I like your pick up lines and try some
    but I don’t know if it will work in my case. My target of women is between
    25 and 40 age bracket.

  17. Caitlan Phillips says:

    Tell her you love her to her face and then ask her out 

  18. Adrian Hermanus says:

    Is there other helpful ways to ask a girl out? I need moreee lol. If there
    is enough that u guys can think of, could you perhaps make another video on
    it? These seem too broad and i would only try like 2 of them lol. Thanks if
    you do. 

  19. tyler weese says:

    Hey wing girls there’s this girl I like but she in a different class and I
    rarely see her but I also see her when she walks home do you have any
    advice on how to ask her out we have a few things in common but I’m stick
    on how to ask her out can you help me !!. 

  20. Chris Porter says:

    My problem is my neighbor.
    I was at Starbucks one day, and she came in, saw me and introduced herself
    to me. From then, we would wave and say hi.
    On Valentines Day, I had delivered flowers (I deliver flowers on Valentines
    Day— As my luck goes, the set I originally paid for was sold to someone
    else so I had to pick out a new set) to her from her secret admirer. She
    posted them to her Facebook saying she didn’t know who they were from.
    A week later another set was sent to her house, (they delivered my original
    set that was sold on Valentines Day to her making two sets in two weeks!)
    She came over with her sisters and asked if I sent them. I said no. I
    know–stupid me.
    Since then, if I would see her out, I would turn around and go back in the
    house. I did see her out once. I smiled and she smiled back.
    What should I do? She’s a couple years younger then I am and has a
    daughter. Do you think she liked me from the day at Starbucks when she came
    up to me? If so, by denying sending flowers to her with her sisters
    present, did I ruin my chance?

  21. TheBossKD Gaming says:

    There is a girl I like I think she likes me back but I want to know the
    right way to ask her out I’m 13

  22. knightace2002 says:

    wow this was embaressing lol i blushed a bit with them lol.

    as to the question…..i don’t really know……..i’ve never asked out a
    girl before……not in person anyways just through and online game….

  23. Fernando Lopez says:

    There is a girl from high school, recently met her after like 5 years she
    remembered me and we exchanged numbers, we text but I don’t feel a string
    connection when we text is it too soon to ask her out

  24. baker1127 says:

    wish it was that easy

  25. Brent Kyleman says:

    You. Me. Chloroform. 

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