PUA ACADEMY Episode 2___ BODY LANGUAGE by Smooth

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Just a few


8 Responses to PUA ACADEMY Episode 2___ BODY LANGUAGE by Smooth

  1. Fred Villacampa says:

    Ur da man

  2. kyle gideon Castillo says:

    Keep up the good work, big fan here from Baguio 🙂

  3. PUAacademy says:

    Thanks! Pls LIKE our FB page: PUA academy

  4. PUAacademy says:

    tnx bro!

  5. brian alphonsus Apayor says:

    Sa opening phase yan bro. Kung mag ko-court ka, its either ur in comfort
    phase na or past close game (coz sumtimes u get to fuck her kahit hndi pa
    kayo). But importanrt pa rin na u are aware of your body language through
    out the game.

  6. Ulises Rioss says:

    Great video!!!!

  7. 32timmytom says:

    Amir wake up…:)

  8. TheHypnoticah says:

    Kailangan ba ang pag court nang girl? like Can you be my girlfriend? Kasi
    sabi niyo it’s not what you it’s how you say it .. pero kailangan paba
    talaga .. pano mo malalaman na kayo na?

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