How to ATTRACT Your Dream Man or Woman and Get More Dates! (Secret Law of Attraction Tips)

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25 Responses to How to ATTRACT Your Dream Man or Woman and Get More Dates! (Secret Law of Attraction Tips)

  1. azucarmorena5000 says:

    omg you’re so young!

  2. DrMedicineManMD says:

    I kinda like these new Low Carb Cory videos. Keep up the positivity, bro.
    I hope Anytime Fitness bought your Anthem.

  3. Bigtombowski says:

    I don’t believe this is cory. Where is the badass Zakk Wylde beard?

  4. Woman says:

    How to attract your dream partner: From a guy whos wife left him because
    he’s a moron and is currently single.

    Seems legit

  5. Fred H says:

    Have you moved out of your Dads basement please do a video about that. Also
    Chase challenged you to a bodybuilding competition. 

  6. baggedcereals says:

    Is this part of your mark of the beast challenge?

  7. StarCrunchYumYum says:

    Why don’t you appear on camera?

  8. nictheslic says:

    Damn i just got a euphoric rush and chills i didnt even mean to click on
    this video

  9. Rodolfo Martinez says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom 

  10. Jack Tripper says:

    i dunno about this shit Cory….this law of attraction seems to be about
    being lazier
    “find your girl, dont look”…”make more money, quit” wtf

  11. 1813sdc says:

    So… you’re single?

  12. IGotSmilesForYa says:

    this came in the right timing for me. It’s so true, when you are not
    attracting the right person, most likely it’s because you are not happy
    with yourself.

  13. Fred Durst says:

    Great video. I try to live by the law of attraction.

  14. Ninety9Soulz says:

    1:05 “In other words, I stopped trying to find someone to complete me, and
    instead set off on a journey to complete myself. And do you know where that
    journey led me?”

    Having a mental breakdown in a bathtub full of epsom salt?

  15. Zozo Zaza says:

    I announced to the universe am complete I don’t need anyone to complete
    me… Universe replied F. You stay single ain’t gonna hook you

  16. Kopam Nos says:

    i know u like sucking dicks and shit

  17. Tony Silva says:

    your a monster. I will meet you in hell as i sit on the throne next to
    satin, beheret and astaroth! and you will meet your fate.

  18. MrTacO3ite says:

    excellent mentality i wish you were my business partner

  19. Drosko1254 says:

    if 95 percent of all people are insecure like u said … i have to find
    these tiny 5 percent left? Sounds difficult! 

  20. fatshan wingchun says:

    31 and still living with your parents. Please can I pay you to be my life

  21. Shayne Bergeron says:

    Thanks Cory – I needed that.

  22. Colby Kewaloz says:

    Strong eyebrows Cory… very strong!

  23. EpicMovieMontage says:

    great vid mate :)

  24. 5pecialist says:

    You sound like Tony Robbins.

  25. ferndog82☆ says:


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