‘The Real’ House Rules

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25 Responses to ‘The Real’ House Rules

  1. Tony Turner says:

    I can just imagine Loni being high, that would be the funniest thing. 

  2. 56sonya says:

    Adrienne is gaining weight, all that food she be eating on the show, slow
    down adrienne. She’s getting a double chin. TAMAR looks so good , I used to
    think adrienne looked the best, but tamar is giving her a run for her money
    . Wow Tay Tay love her outfits!!!

  3. Yvonne Watkins says:

    What’s more important, people or things. A carpet is on the floor, folks
    are supposed to walk on it. Clean it on the regular and call it a day.
    The purpose of seating is so that people can sit down. Might as well be
    tacky and cover everything with plastic. Sheesh.

  4. Chavon Ford says:

    Lol she made weed cookies that’s why Loni kept eating them because she was
    having the munchies ha!

  5. Angie says:

    LOL Tamar probably doesn’t mind sharing because she is the youngest and has
    a whole lot of siblings. I am the Older and I prefer people ask to use my
    things before they use it. My younger sister doesn’t mind me using her
    things without asking, and even though she knows I hate for someone to grab
    something of mine without asking, she still will take my stuff without
    asking anyway. I just think out of respect no matter how close you are to
    someone you should ask before using anything. I find it most people I come
    across have more like a “Yours is mine” , “Mine is yours” mentality. Not
    me! I just think what if you are using my last thing, or heck! I paid for

  6. jodiii122 says:

    I agree with taking shoes off before you walk further into a house & asking
    before you reach in the fridge or pantry, but for sitting on a dang
    couch?!?! Nah… I won’t even bother coming over if I have to ask to sit on
    your couch! 

  7. Machi S says:

    Magic cookies got her high?
    At first I thought she meant magic cookies made her have the runs, until I
    read the comments. LOL

  8. osimeon00 says:

    I’m very clean about my living space but when it comes to inviting other
    people over, it’s a different story. To me, when someone comes over the
    house, I want you to be as comfortable as possible. If it means having
    shoes on, go ahead. If you want to get something to eat, go ahead. I used
    to hate going over to other people’s houses and they would be so uptight
    that they didn’t want you to wear shoes, touch the vases, sit on a certain
    couch, etc. So I vowed that when I had my own place, I would make it as
    comfortable as possible for my guest. 

  9. gudgurlgonebadd says:

    Of course Vince doesn’t like ppl goin in the fridge lol

  10. Bebe Heart says:

    “Magic Cookies” Loni you must’ve been high as hell

  11. 808aaq says:

    But it’s their home and not yours. So I understand the OCD when it comes to
    people’s things and stuff so you just gotta go with the flow and deal with
    it. If you don’t like it then stay at home! 

  12. Tiara tequan says:

    Who on earth did Jeanie’s eyeshadow? ????

  13. Amari Sali says:

    Sometimes it really is hard to know when Loni is telling a true story or
    just making a joke.

  14. S Peace says:

    ADrienne looks different, could it be her face isnt contoured? 

  15. So Wheeler says:

    When my family and friends (I only have 2) come cover they know not to
    expect to get full service like a guest… make yourself at home.
    If you need a drink- go get one…
    If you’re hungry- eat…
    Need some hot sauce-it’s in the cabinet…
    I do try to send everyone home with a goodie bag.
    I do prefer that they remove their shoes but I’m not really anal about

  16. thatkidd jennifer says:

    Jeanie’s eye makeup looks ridiculous!!

  17. Prettygirlcn5 says:

    Wat! No no no, I wanna hear more about Loni’s magical 3 days XD

  18. ranepear says:

    There was a sex and the city episode that Carey left her shoes at the door
    and they were stolen. I would prefer a new pair of socks than already worn
    shoes thou.

  19. Blue Berry says:

    Not sure about Jeannie’s eye makeup today… But growing up my mom ALWAYS
    made people take off their shoes before coming in our house. She wasn’t
    letting nobody mess up her carpets lol

  20. Ray Ven says:

    Loni is such a liar. 

  21. Tamika Francis says:

    Loni please stop with your over exaggerated stories.

  22. Joshua McDowell says:

    What is the whole point of making people take their shoes off in your
    house? What if their feet stink? I let people keep their shoes on. I don’t
    need you stinking up my carpet with your nasty ass feet. 

  23. I, Adaora says:

    Canadians take their shoes off – can’t imagine entering anyone’s house and
    leaving my shoes on. No way! I am into fabric sprays for sofas, but I’m not
    picky about where people sit. 🙂 

  24. Reign Xo says:

    Lol random loni “No I’ll go in the refrigerator…” Haha that was funny 

  25. Hibi Jibi says:

    I heard a lot of Americans wear their shoes around the house. We don’t do
    that where I live unless we broke a glass or the floors need to be done and
    we’re having guests over.

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