PUA In-Field – Leaving With Hot White Girls In 5 Minutes

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25 Responses to PUA In-Field – Leaving With Hot White Girls In 5 Minutes

  1. MrHav1k says:

    Well… good point about the race of your wingmen. Whites have such an
    advantage though. You have no idea. 

  2. Jerry Yawning says:

    another asian micropenis full of complexes about his race. White women =
    whores. Stay withing your own race.

  3. THP Multispan TW says:

    lol, apparently the average size of an Asians dick is 3 inches, the largest
    id 3.7 in China and Japan, lel. You gonna whip out your little noodle?

  4. Bauss says:

    i was gonna say turn on the music in the car ..

  5. Viney Chawda says:

    white girls are always easy to pull regardless of your skin colour… you
    need to come to England.. you don’t need a wingman.. just go out to a bar
    on a Saturday night and you will see loads of them.. 

  6. WheelShow1 says:

    fking lol misc brahs gon misc

  7. Mike Powell says:

    Surprised you kept em.
    Dude drives an automatic.

  8. deadpixeL says:

    This can go both ways, a white guy who likes asian girls will hang out with
    asian guys just to meet asian girls. Im half Vietnamese and half
    European(German/French/Italian), I have always preferred white girls more
    than asian girls, and the same goes for them too actually. As I get older I
    start to see people less in terms of color and stereotypes and kind of just
    create my own opinions about a person based on how they behave, works
    better that way.

  9. 04av6 says:

    what hidden cam are you using to record? I want to buy it!

  10. efarmer385 says:

    “If you’re white it probably doesn’t fucking matter” loled so hard

  11. anonspacecowboy says:

    that was a very fast one, good stuff. hope the next video comes faster 🙂
    after all women are like men, they just wanna have fun. 28:29

  12. Bauss says:


  13. g anker says:

    if those girls found out you have an ikea desk, they woulda left right
    away. just sayin.

  14. Peyton Dracco says:

    I can see that you MO relies heavily on finding drunken females.

  15. MrSweatish says:

    haha so many jelly

  16. juggernuts1000 says:

    guys who pick up drunken girls that can barely stand on their feet, and
    then post it on youtube as some kind of proof they are big shots, only
    prove they are not. if getting a drunken girl is something that gets you so
    excited you post it on the internet, then it only proves you are not so
    good with girls. just sayin.

  17. Moses C. says:

    Did u go all the way?

  18. NoMoneyHeadsUp says:

    strong cutting out the most important part where you try to isolate them

  19. ObeyX says:

    Its Arizona State dude, my black friend is in a frat there. He says ASU is
    without a doubt the hottest party school in the nation.
    Btw you are definitely right, its super hard picking up asian girls as a
    black guy.
    But its def possible if you tinker your approach and have a cool wingman.

  20. xxsnipehshotxx says:

    yo mike im guessing an Indian guy with an Asian (Chinese) wing is ok then?
    (referring to the beginning of the video)

  21. thecrazygene1 says:

    Lmao you’re a miscer dude? Also you guys got patience and game, I could
    never pull that stuff off. I just wouldn’t know how to escalate properly

  22. Alex Tse says:

    Hey Mike, how did you transition from the pre-game at your apartment to
    How did you isolate your target from the wing and her friend?

  23. can'tBEARit o_O says:

    wow. the girl in pink is a bit trashy. hope you used a condom

  24. zcarenow says:

    isnt scottsdale where most of the porn girls are recruited now? 

  25. GPhonse257 says:

    I love the game, but it’s still sometimes annoying that we guys have to do
    so much bs-ing just to get laid.

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