How To Flirt If You Are Shy

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25 Responses to How To Flirt If You Are Shy

  1. sheparis2 says:

    Kiss your hands 10x then say your crush name 15x post this on two other
    comments and your crush will ask you out tomorrow

  2. Flame princess says:

    What to talk about when around boys

  3. Darnell Milton says:

    What do you mean good looks at him

  4. Morgan Flynn says:

    Thanks, tumblr!

  5. Toy Freddy says:

    This actually is helpful for us guys too. Today I have a girlfriend, and I
    think she is the love of my life.

  6. Portia Monakali says:

    wow this really worked thanks girly you rock

  7. XXlpsQuakeXX says:

    Can you do ” how to get your crush jealous!” Please

  8. XOmechannelOX says:

    why dont you post anymore? :(

  9. britishshow2275 says:

    This actually does work. I used this step and now I have a boyfriend <3<3
    But always remember to be yourself that is the most important thing!

  10. Kacey Kincade says:
  11. sweetheartbeauty67 says:
  12. sweetheartbeauty67 says:
  13. Adriana Williams says:
  14. Katelin Allende says:
  15. FashionofAllthings says:
  16. Caitlyn McCollum says:
  17. Tina DiLorenzo says:
  18. kaligurl224readmme says:
  19. random2crazy says:
  20. Kacey Kincade says:

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