Zurich Talk – Become your best self ;)

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25 Responses to Zurich Talk – Become your best self ;)

  1. Terrence Cheung says:

    This talk is great

  2. kaalmansur says:

    Sasha, usually I like what you have to say. In this case it´s slightly
    bullshit. I have had relationships with more than 12 girls in my life and
    affairs, too. With all of them I had a very deep and profund connection.
    It´s right to make the attempt to be your best self, but it´s also ok, to
    collect numbers and connections over the day when sargin´. I see no point
    in going home an reading a book after making a connection. she might be
    flake or timid. from my perspective mass means success. And that doesn´t
    contradict making deep connections as well!

  3. AngeloftheBx says:

    Amazing speech, however,I thought it is wise to keep talking to other women
    even after you meet an amazing one because that amazing girl can still
    flake on you. Shouldn’t you keep talking to other girls to maximize your

  4. jdcguitar says:

    Sasha as you get older do you plan to settle one day or keep trying to find
    girls who are awesome?

  5. agl9591 says:

    Nice touch with the Fight Club music 😉

  6. Ahelterpro says:

    Great vid Sasha see you in Munich

  7. FUBAR 1939 says:

    Somoene can put the subtitles for me, from 2:17 to 2:50? I don’t understand
    anything he sayed. =/

  8. Nikolay Trouch says:

    Man you’re such a fucking legend and inspiration…

  9. Edrin Kisaka says:

    just watch the video and enjoy, no need for criticism, just enjoy the
    fuckin video and stfu

  10. Sasha Daygame says:

    Hahaha fuck you. I’m pumpin’ more than ever before eating the cake!! 😉

  11. PychadelicWhale says:

    Sasha what’s doing a cute girl on the bootcamp ??

  12. Marc Shark says:

    Hallelujah brother 😀 Thanks for this speech, I’ve been there and it was
    fucking awesome ^^ What’s the name of this song in the middle?

  13. Sasha Daygame says:

    Yes, I realized that once the clip went up. That’s why I wrote the article
    as a compliment to it…. I may have to re-write it lol… there’s a lot to
    be said on this topic…..

  14. Manoffriendship says:

    Out of curiosity, why are there women in this presentation ?

  15. Sasha Daygame says:

    yes it’s down, someone is working on it. email me if you’re a WP guru 😉 S

  16. mahesh pvk says:

    Hey Sasha when are you coming to India man ?

  17. Sasha Daygame says:

    I left Vienna it was a horrible place. Will discuss in next podcast….

  18. Sasha Daygame says:

    You guys are surprised there’s women??? Sometimes I have one of my GF’s
    come to talks. They love’em….. so why wouldn’t a dude bring a girl to a
    talk? Doesn’t it speak volumes the fact that there’s girls at my talk, and
    they’re all nodding their heads in agreement? 😉

  19. Glenn Zarmanov says:

    very well edited. great production quality.

  20. x Avik says:

    Hi Sasha, what about Poland? Ever gonna think about that?

  21. dennisisawesome says:


  22. ludek59 says:

    suprised to hear so FEW “fucks” used. 😛

  23. Crusherdub says:

    Dude no, sounds like a straw man anyway. His point is to game to the point
    where you’re insanely comfortable with yourself (while developing passions
    and what not), not to the point where you’re just out there to get another
    number and maybe some vacuous sex. The latter is why girls are

  24. all4onechannel says:

    WHATS UP WITH THIS DUDE…………. are u freaken kidding me practice
    makes perfect, if i get ur gfriends number ima continue and get 10 more

  25. tony montana says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. A lot of guys are like, “fuck fuck
    fuck fuckety FUCK!” , and then they’ll leave….you DO NOT want to have
    that sort of reputation. Sorta like what reputation Paul Janka has, now I’m
    not trying to say he’s a bad guys, it’s just that he should be NICER, not
    like “fuck me, ok go home, bye.”, ’cause that’s exactly the type of
    characteristic he gives off….

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