Dating Advice For Men | 1-12-2015 part 2

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8 Responses to Dating Advice For Men | 1-12-2015 part 2

  1. abdul doumbia says:

    I had bought your active listening program but when I downloaded the audio
    files but the file looked different and I could open

    the file I have a picture of my receipt and the download where should I
    send you the pictures because I can’t send them

    through to you on the comment section. 

  2. michael nolan says:

    I agree between s womens legs is great we been there before like most on
    chanel partime or fulltime should I say.Tho if women wernt so picky supreme
    wed hav no problems being full time in pussy.

  3. deshawn Davis says:

    Supreme what do you think about messy hos.. Should I fuck with them? .. I
    want to know from your past experiences 

  4. Danny Martinez says:

    Player Supereme. I am going to college and at my school there is a
    Toastmasters group that meets there twice a month. Im taking your advice
    and joining. I want to be taken under your wing and listen to your advice.
    You say toastmasters is a good support group to help meet women and over
    come your fears.. the first step is joining.. Do you have any other advice
    about joining toastmasters club? how should i dress? what should i be
    expecting at the Club?

  5. michael nolan says:

    What was it like going out on your own hunting I forgot to ask

  6. Sayed Hamra says:

    Yep, I’m half English, half Egyptian and live in Istanbul.

  7. Juffany says:

    Dammmmn, the last min is touching, when he describe how it feels when you
    make love to women.

  8. Jordan81627 says:

    My brother died and I’m really sad

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