Vlog PUA Intro 1/6 — March 8, 2011

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14 Responses to Vlog PUA Intro 1/6 — March 8, 2011

  1. Rohan Parolkar says:

    It’s really cool to see how you and your video series have evolved over the
    last four years. Your video quality and commentary is outstanding. Keep ’em
    coming, literally ;)

  2. thenatural vlog says:

    ur awesome man, I’m thinking of making a pua vlog too.
    ur an inspiration thank u!

  3. MrSweatish says:

    1000 bucks = achievment unlocked

  4. Vegas Pickup says:

    what was it you said helped you with game? speed thinking? something like

  5. J Lin says:

    Pleaseee do more. i just discovered u and ur awesomee

  6. ThePoeticbeer says:

    u look lie u lift. nice vids btw man

  7. Kastralis says:

    Where are parts 2-6?

  8. FuuuhQ2 says:

    Wow, our background stories are very similar. I was born in Manila,
    Philippines, raised by my awesome grandparents and spoiled like crazy until
    I was 8years old then we moved to America to join my parents in the East
    Coast, Tri-State Area(NY, NJ, CT). The only difference is i was already
    naturally doing pickup before i even found out about it.

  9. DynamicUnreal says:

    Almost all young girls cheat, that’s just how it is.

  10. SquattinCassanova says:

    @jnjnjjnknknjbh haha, maybe

  11. spencer lewis says:

    lol he paid u $1k?

  12. jnjnjjnknknjbh says:

    do you even lift ?

  13. bumble144 says:

    Respect bro, i give you mad respect. Alot of shit happen to me too, looking
    back i don’t even know why I got so work up over it

  14. OfficialDartanian says:

    good stuff buddy 🙂

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