DEA Drug Bust Prank!

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25 Responses to DEA Drug Bust Prank!

  1. Kirsten Tucker says:

    This is so illegal it’s scary. 

  2. Denis Tetniov says:

    In Russia special forces drops your face to the floor before the warning
    words begins. DEA in real life is so polite as on video? Dont think so…

  3. Tat Sambuccetti says:

    what exactly do these kids do for a living to buy a big house? 

  4. Chad Smith says:

    lol, people are hilarious.
    “It’s illegal to do this.” No crap. Except have you heard of this thing
    called filming? When you’re filming a video, with a permit, you can get
    permission for it to be allowed for this.

    How the heck do you think every single movie that has a cop in it is
    filmed? You think every movie studio just breaks the law. No, they get
    special permission and permit from the city they will be filming in to do
    it. Seriously, it’s not that hard to figure out.

  5. Diesel_Nut84 says:

    “pinkie promise me this isnt a prank”

    LMAO what a fag 

  6. Mia Byrne says:

    would be awkward if they actually found cocaine as they came up the stairs

  7. (͡° ͜ʖ°) says:

    *If you watch the video* THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE IS IN ON THE PRANK – This
    is NOT illegal in anyway. (Also watch one of the guys smack a cop on the
    ass as he walks out) That was one of the guys in on it. This would be
    illegal if you did this to someone YOU DID NOT KNOW…The internet is
    stupid. *THIS VIDEO WAS FUNNY* Get over it. (I am an ex United States
    soldier, they did NOT steal valor, or do anything illegal as it was all on
    private property with permission)

  8. OhSnapItzMe says:

    Luke defending his self bless him

  9. Flawlessxunicorn says:

    Omg luke be like ; DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!
    Daniel: pink prmise that this isnt a prank

  10. Jack Jenkins says:

    I know it’s a prank but Marijuana is NOT a drug

  11. gorilla199 says:

    Everyone in this video was in on this stage managed ‘prank’.
    17 million views for lying.

  12. Jeffrey Hennig says:

    I would not believe this because the DEA would have been throwing people to
    the ground and punching them. If you were way more violence you would have
    been more convincing. Act like a police officer beat some people.

  13. xDamge M says:

    Hacker 16 million views and there is only 8 million people in the world

  14. Mr. Whale says:

    Do more of these

  15. Beau Brooks says:

    follow my peronsal account cunts for unseen videos n shit!

  16. ben Williamson says:

    their all just spoiled douchbags that are just material people. I mean
    highlights in his hair and stupid generic tattoos , 

  17. daniel Heafey says:

    They should of told one of them that it was a prank secretly and so that
    one person would pull out a “gun” and get “shot” outside and then recorded
    everyone inside reaction.

  18. Quagigitymire says:

    All it takes it the wrong person to see this and the whole lot of you are
    looking at a case with potentially being sent down for years. Should a at
    least blurred out faces or some shit because this is some big time criminal
    shit. For real, just one person with an ability to put charges sees this
    and decided to make an example and shits going down. No joke, I would never
    have put this online because they acted as Federal officers not state
    making this even more of an issue legally for those who decided to wear
    anything even remotely resembling a federal officer. 

  19. Bryan Flores says:

    Guys to people thinking that impersonating a DEA Or federal police is
    illegal,it is but except these were real Polices.the only person who was
    impersonating was vitaly but he got permission from the federal law.

  20. Brony Rebellion X says:

    Drugs are for the weak.

  21. JBiNN says:

    Buncha little faggots that one kid screaming don’t touch me. If this was
    real hed be dead.

  22. chaosda says:

    For those that think this isn’t illegal

    18 U.S. Code § 912 – Officer or employee of the United States
    Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting
    under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or
    officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands
    or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined
    under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

  23. rosalie says:

    did the police use this as a training? 

  24. Taylor Steele says:

    when luke got angry i was like “Mann this guys lost his shit”

  25. Christopher Guzman says:


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