Pick Up Artist Savoy on Dr Phil Part 2 PUA Mystery Method

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25 Responses to Pick Up Artist Savoy on Dr Phil Part 2 PUA Mystery Method

  1. maclovindotca says:

    Funny becuase Dr. Phil is using honed skills to emotioally “pickup” women

  2. cryora says:

    Approaching is a scary thing to do, for men and women, but men are
    generally braver, so they’re the ones who generally do it.

  3. steven hannah says:

    impressed with the Dr. 

  4. Tony Benz says:

    5:25 phili killed it haha

  5. ROBBINS882 says:

    Here’s where I think the confusion lies. Dr Phil’s need to seek approval by
    women, where as guys that understand the game realize what works and to
    throw out what doesn’t through trial and error. A woman will never put
    herself in that vulnerable position, she’ll always play it safe by being as
    hot as she can artificially be, i.e by makeup or other cosmetic

  6. MCSqueeze777 says:

    women are dumb, sry mom u’r beautiful n a strong woman, bt seriously women
    are ridiculously dumb, confuse bunch of ppl, they jst cant seems to think
    far, few out thr tho that r smart, but tbh, I jst cnt fuk wit dumb chicks,
    yall can suck my dick tho

  7. Hiphop101ize says:

    this was stupid

  8. hazeces says:

    I don’t think she’s a bitch because of that. I agree with her in one hand,
    and in the other I don’t. Yes, these dudes give us the confidence we need
    to become more social and less fearful of the ladies who are stuck up. But,
    the problem is that once you start to get addicted to these methods, you
    will see every woman the same (Just like you refer to that girl as a
    “bitch”). These things you’re doing are not coming from you, there coming
    from improvisation, and the need to feel like a man.

  9. PPaulPimpin says:

    I used the mystery method in Las Vegas. It does work. I’m normally shy
    around women to. I engaged a 2 set and it was awesome. I think men need to
    do this. Not all of us are naturals at game. Fear of rejection is a real
    bitch. I’m looking at Stealth Attraction now. Stay thirsty my friends!!!!

  10. Kevin Zilverberg says:

    Dumbass bimbo’s

  11. ToyotaCorollaSR says:

    Thoucé is the spelling my good sir 😛

  12. DuiVert says:

    Another thing, i don’t get it. Women magazines are stacked with tricks how
    to make men crazy about them. Men also want to be successful in their
    sexual/love life, but when they do something about it, it is wrong. What do
    you want? A drunk douchebag who is interviewing you, or a stylish,
    confident and succesful man who asks for your opinion, talks, is nice
    etcetera etcetera. These girls are talking about the pua’s in a degrating
    way because they don’t want to admit it worked on them. Enough said.

  13. catsheri1 says:

    And men love having their penis cut off and shoved in their mouths.

  14. Daniel Duperron says:

    Very true

  15. ArwenMeow says:

    Phil has a good point at the end there.

  16. mhamadac says:

    LOL – Female pick up… aka being a SLUT?

  17. Keviisunique says:

    no he doesn’t. did you see the Ross Jeffries one?

  18. kiikat says:

    2:16 It’s still a fucking LIE helloo

  19. MLGTroy1 says:

    that woman said its not natural for guys to be pua’s. uhh make up
    highlights pishup bras lipstick taning beds implants fake nails hair eye
    color eye lashes padded bras. and yall expect us to approch yall without
    some kind of training is she stupid

  20. Gersy says:

    I had to give props to that statement ! I could not say it better;)

  21. kcozgrove says:


  22. micasa socasa says:

    bitches, and to add that Dr.phil owns

  23. matt chan says:

    stupid bitches

  24. Ko252 says:

    Because women compete with each other as well. And most people love

  25. extraegoman says:

    I’m glad that Dr.Phil didn’t go into this with a negative bias like with
    the male ego episode. Pick up is just a way to make men more confident and
    take women off the pedestal.

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