Daygame Pickup By British PUA

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6 Responses to Daygame Pickup By British PUA

  1. james senor says:

    This guy is so boring though, if i was a girl i would be walking away…XD

  2. PUA Infield says:
  3. Stuart Jones says:

    Game? what fucking game…. he got the number because of his height and
    he’s ok looking. doesnt matter what you say.

  4. Tracker says:

    That long nose though… Quite epic !! Fortunately his eye contact is
    pretty solid so the girl doesn’t notice.

  5. TheCausation says:

    I cringe hard at “” style game; they’re like all carbon copies
    of each other – this guy smacks of the same verbals and mannerisms (and wtf
    is it with this ‘daygame dresscode’.. just awful)

    anyway, his game has potential, and he’s far from shit, but for fuck’s sake
    – DO YOU, MAN!!

  6. PrankTownTV says:

    Originally disliked cause there was way too many basic things wrong but in
    the end i subscribed and liked.

    1. If English is not their first language speak slower and use more simple
    2. You should be the man and take the lead ask for her number without her
    having to hint it soo much.
    3. You’re jokes weren’t funny so try harder

    There’s potential

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