Direct Street Day Game Pick Up & Kiss Close PUA pick up artist mpua how to pick up girls

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20 Responses to Direct Street Day Game Pick Up & Kiss Close PUA pick up artist mpua how to pick up girls

  1. bishal khadka says:

    These video clips are wonderful. I'm here because my mate all of a sudden became incredible with chicks. He started attracting women over night. I found myself stunned. He behaved as if it was standard for a while. He then smiled and told me while he was wasted on Tequila. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He's on a date now with a sexy girl…

  2. LastNineBreaker says:

    Standing ovation. Give this woman a cookie!

  3. Stanley Stepien says:


  4. moderntoss123 says:

    Amazing truly inspirational

  5. Sppvwolf says:

    What tutorial? What's everyone talking about hacks and tutorials for he didn't do anything, wtf?

  6. Harpreet Singh says:

    thanks for helping me through msn man!

  7. chaudharybhim says:

    I love this tutorial!

  8. Al-amin shown says:

    i might use this more often.

  9. 789muzammil says:

    can you make more tutorials.

  10. Eunice Alcala says:

    good hehhe

  11. alim8773 says:

    holy shit!!! make my friends jealous

  12. Talha Champ says:

    Thanks 🙂

  13. MrLinder says:


  14. John Cooper says:

    this dude couldnt get laid in a morgue

  15. PullingWomen says:

    Wicked Video Truly Inspirational

  16. DirectSeduction says:

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  17. DirectSeduction says:

    Check out some new videos that we are uploading this weekend


  18. PaddyMacNasty says:

    @Hoshang2 No it isn't.

  19. DirectSeduction says:

    @SpiderShane1 Totally agree, canned lines are not the best to use as the situation and pick up does not feel as natural. The thing was as we were filming this girl had really blonde, almost white hair that it looked like a wig. However many AFCs do like using canned lines as it brings alot more stability and removes nervousness from their sets.

  20. DirectSeduction says:

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