Confidence: 10 Steps to Improving Your Confidence and Self Esteem

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18 Responses to Confidence: 10 Steps to Improving Your Confidence and Self Esteem

  1. Chopmick18 says:

    That last shirtless dude looked like you Alpha. lol

  2. Lord Xenophane says:

    The clock on the shelf behind him doesn't work.

  3. brentprodz says:

    I have very crappy facial hair for being 20y old. Hate when things bother me and there is no possible way I can change them

  4. alexisf1995 says:

    lol 2:28 looks like you bro.

  5. Andrew Hammer says:

    Thanx man these advice help me a lot

  6. damnthis says:

    confidence? take nothing personal and don't let anyone get in your way.  there's always going to be people that put you down based on your failures and weaknesses. there's going to be people that praise your successes and strengths as well. for those who find it satisfying to see u fail,that's fine let it strengthen you while you work on improving yourself at the same time ignore them and leave them out of your head with their negativity. know your strengths and be proud of them yet know your weaknesses and be humble. a confident person is not a fake person who pretends to be strong when he's around people yet is insecure and weak inside. a confident person is someone who is lying on his bed at night all alone in thought and feels like a king because he truly feels good about himself. that said, don't be fooled about a person who doesn't speak much or " doesn't seem confident" because to him or her, you probably don't even exist. that's why it's wise to surround yourself with positive people while avoiding or ignoring the negative ones. don't let a negative person's opinions or poisonous words weaken your self confidence, hence don't take it personal but if you're having a bad day, tell them to fuck off or knock their lights out if u don't feel like ignoring them.

  7. Suhorra Geesix says:

    I'm only 14 and I started watching your videos about a month ago and I try and implement all these tips into my life from the ten tips to being an alpha teen to teeth whitening tips. And they really help I like knowing I stand for something and I have principles. Thanks for this channel.

  8. Christopher Anteza says:

    ur the men

  9. abstractheaven says:

    Helpful as usual. 

  10. farrukh fiaz says:

    hahahah naughty touch

  11. Biff Jerkey says:

    hey, what's wrong with stout fat women? a woman's a woman!

  12. John Perez says:

    lolololol naughty touch hahahaha

  13. Kamal Venza says:

    Thanks for this video, I watch it whenever I feel like I'm loosing confidence. Keep up the great work.

  14. MadMags says:

    "Okay, first things first. If you're listening to Sarah McLachlan or Bon Iver, turn that shit off that's depressing."
    LMAO subscribed.

  15. Alicia Coleman says:

    Why pick on stoners in a confidence building video?


    This is a great motivational video. Improving you confidence and self esteem is the best way to live a healthy lifestyle. If you have the time, please check out the campaign we recently created regarding this topic.

  17. Kasbian Faulks says:

    You're such a good influence on the world. As in the world is objectively a better place with people like you in it.

  18. Joseph Taylor says:

    You're my hero, man. I've watched most of your videos and each one has made me more and more proud to be a man of class. But until I watched this video I suffered from low self esteem immensely. Being the skinny, short, socially impaired weirdo I am, I found that I was constantly in a state of dismay that I wasn't as great as the bulky, tall, tan, nice-guys seen at every social event I went too. This fear has now leaked into my relationship and I am in constant fear that my loved one will leave me for someone better because they "obviously are in every way". But this video has given me a much needed boost in confidence and I have now shed my worries about any competition I have, because I have none. I accept that I DO have strengths and I'm a lot better than I put myself in. Thank you so much for your efforts to make a classier world of men, and have a good one!

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