15 Responses to Self-Improvement Tips : How to Avoid Getting Drunk

  1. chicago bulls says:

    I've gotten drunk ass fuck and high nd on coke the bitch ass cops didn't give me a DUI but I got aggregated assault with a hand gun and didn't do time or shitt left the same day never found any gun on me hahahahahaha

  2. Stizou777 says:

    some people, like myself, enjoy drinking. There's no need to make it black and white (because nothing is). You just need to know your limits

  3. Blaney Cakes says:

    How to avoid getting drunk: Don't drink. There, saved you a minute and 40 seconds.

  4. thethirdq says:

    You really have a talent for making videos! Keep them coming

  5. thethirdq says:

    You really have a talent for making videos! Keep them coming

  6. bazbonehead says:

    pretty simple answer to the question: dont go to to uni

  7. andrew kilik says:

    @hillaroo666 exactly! lol

  8. Bill Burke says:

    By the way if you want to pick up women in nights clubs, getting drunk makes it harder.

  9. fourteen skillz says:

    I only drink to make other people seem more interesting

  10. Niki Shaburishvili says:

    I had school leaving party yesterday and got soooooOO drunk couldnt walk, remember, think or talk. I was hoping this vid would help, but when he mentioned "alcohol" I almost barfed (Drunk)

  11. Mickyhovis Browne says:

    I'll drink to that doc

  12. username102030405 says:


  13. hillaroo666 says:

    Why would I NOT want to get drunk?

  14. tonybonez says:

    I thought this was a joke,

    thanks for nothing DOUCHE

  15. willowc098 says:

    Damn,take all the fun out of one nite stands!!!XD

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