Create Confident Body Language with the Power Pose

20 Responses to Create Confident Body Language with the Power Pose

  1. khaled “donmachiavelli1” don says:

    Thank you

  2. Anil Kumar says:

    yeah youtube clips help make it simple to mac 5 out of 10s but if you want to score hot chicks you really need to have game or youll get ignored have a look at the clip on PUA66.COM

    If you could have confidence in nature you would not have to fear. It would keep you up. Creative is nature. Rapid. Lavish. Inspirational. It shapes leaves. It rolls the waters of the earth

  3. Nunun Manonuis says:

    ok, first of all, when she say to be relaxed, everithing looks like shee is relaxed, but her left hand fingers are pressing the pillow and mooving like uncoordinated, so she isn't so confortable and relaxed has she want to pretend. We simply cannot hide body language completly.

  4. TheIdaLouise says:


  5. gsecc says:

    damn girl you look good to be 48

  6. TheIdaLouise says:

    she's teaching me to be a lady, not relaxed……

  7. Dassismable says:

    1:26 is creepy :O

  8. Chenuka Ratwatte says:

    @chenksR okay then he/she is a sick bastard.

  9. leesway says:

    @chenksR What?! Someone said GILF and I was just wondering if that's what they meant. Geez.

  10. Chenuka Ratwatte says:

    @leesway sick bastard…..

  11. leesway says:

    @folkmusic1991 Granny I'd Like to F***?

  12. Criticalcritc21 says:

    @emmabee11 any time you need advice just ask lol

  13. FlyingMonkies325 says:

    @Criticalcritc21 Oh yeh… that's GREAT advice… lol and i'm over him, he was a jerk lol

  14. Criticalcritc21 says:

    @emmabee11 offer to give him a blowjob thats a subtle way of appearing confident and relaxed

  15. Julie-ann Reid says:

    I find it hard some times to keep eye contact with someone,and it's not because I find them boring.I'd like to correct that.

  16. Gagan Singh says:

    nice weg

  17. Larry Coldsweat says:

    did i do it on my tv call bigtalks

  18. Ronan D says:

    this lady is useless everyone nows this stuff

  19. tea t says:

    a million thanks!

  20. Gary7Gann says:

    Where there is faith
    there is love.
    Where there is love
    there is peace.
    Peace that is a blessing.
    Where there is a blessing
    there is God.
    With God
    there is no need.!!!

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