Parenting a Difficult Teen – Body Language

For those parents out there that are dealing with a difficult teen, we understand exactly what you are going through. We highly recommend you reading this section on body language in order to deal with that difficult teenager. You see, when we were first born, the body language was the first type of communication we used with other individuals. In fact, for the first couple years of our life, we didn’t use words, we only spoke with our body.

We learnt how to use our bodies in order to speak. Why? Simply because our life depended on this. Even in the world today, we find a part of us using our hands when we speak in order to structure those sentences. When we are speaking, the body language we use is the first signals we sent to people.

As you are speaking with that teenager, you should pay close attention to your body movements. You should also pay close attention to the non-verbal messages he/she is saying. Whatever their mouth does not verbally speak, their body will. The same for you, whatever language your mouth does not speak, your body will and you may not even realize it.

When someone is speaking to you, you will see that their body starts to speak before their words have even came out of their mouth. This is out unique type of self-expression that each one of us have.

The body movement we use during communication shows the emotional state we are in. If you are sad, then your body will show it. If you are angry, then your body will show it. If you are upset, again, your body is going to show it.

When you are dealing with that difficult teen, pay attention to your body language as well as your teenagers as you are communicating. Your teen may appear angry, but the body language will be showing you sadness. This will give you an understanding of your teenager.

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