Simple Body Language That Can Turn Women On

Everyone knows that body language is mostly a woman’s thing, and the way she moves and reacts can either attract or turn off men. But did you know that the same thing applies to men? There are certain examples of body language that immediately turn women off, even when you think you’re not doing anything wrong.

When it comes to body language, women pick up on your actions that show your true intentions. In other words, if you’re too eager to make her laugh, it’ll show. If you’re confident with yourself, it’ll also show. You’ll need to avoid the kinds of body language that make her think you’re desperate, and get used to the kinds that show you’re in control of the situation.

#1 – Move slowly and steadily.

This is one of the easiest kinds of body language women spot in men. A guy who isn’t very confident is often nervous, moving quickly and in short bursts. He also talks a little too quickly, and seems too eager to laugh at a woman’s jokes. He also makes it a point to hold out chairs, pass the bread, or hold doors — the usual things a “gentleman” does.

These things often tell a woman that the guy’s a little too eager to gain her approval — which is enough to make her feel suspicious. If you act like this towards a woman you’ve just met, you can pretty much bet she’ll feel a little uneasy around you.

#2 – Lean back, not forward.

Leaning forward is a gesture that says you’re paying respectful attention, and is the proper thing to do in business and other formal gatherings. But remember that many women treat the dating scene as an escape from the career world. If you lean forward on the table while talking with her, she’ll likely feel a little apprehensive and uncomfortable.

Instead, lean back. Keep things light and easy at the table. She’ll appreciate that you’re respecting her personal space. What’s more, leaning back is a sign of confidence — you’re showing you’re not really that worried about appearances. And that, my friend, is a big turn-on.

#3 – Relax.

You’ll need to realize that if you want women to like you, you’ll have to stop TRYING to make them like you. Relax, and just give them a good time. Tease, flirt, joke around, do whatever you want — just don’t be too obvious in trying to gain their approval.

You may be surprised to realize that even the way you hold your drink at a bar will tell a woman quite a bit about yourself. Body language goes much further than the things outlined in this article — but these tips should be enough to get you started.

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